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Child abuse is an epidemic.

One child dies every few hours due to child neglect and child abuse. Until we get to the potential abusers and protect the children, it will continue. We believe reading the book “Death From Child Abuse…and no one heard” will educate you about the horrors of child abuse and prepare you for preventing child abuse.

The book, “Death From Child Abuse...and no one heard” is both fiction and non-fiction. It is part of the training for law enforcement, social service workers and educators on how to spot child neglect and child abuse.


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Child Abuse Chronicled

The story of Ursula Assaid’s murder will chill you to the bone. We challenge you to read it. And read the second half of the book. That is where you will learn how to recognize the signs of child neglect and child abuse. More than that, you will learn what to do.

Read the book. Then ask yourself “What can I do to prevent child abuse?”

Child Abuse Part one

"My name is Ursula Sunshine Assaid. I'm five years old. I'd like to tell you a story. It's about the last week of my life."

Little Ursula died on September 25, 1982. She was only 5 years old. She died after two months of horrible abuse and then being tortured for 55 hours by her mother’s boyfriend. She was starved, denied water, forced to eat soap, made to stand naked, dumped in ice water, beaten, punched and forced to recite the alphabet for hours always fearing the punishment if she made a mistake. Then after she died her little body was placed in a duffel bag, weighted down and dumped into a retention pond.

Susan Assaid, her mother admitted she did nothing to stop the murder, pleaded guilty to manslaughter, and received a prison sentence of 15 years. Donald McDougall, the child abuser and killer received a prison sentence of 34 years in prison. While in prison, he was killed by another inmate.

The writers Eve Krupinski and Dana Weikel, photographer and reporter for the Orlando Sentinel who covered the trial, took the actual trial transcripts and spent months creating Ursula’s view of her last six days. That is the only fictional part of the book.

Prevent Child Abuse: Part two: 

Part two of the book is the complete Child Welfare Information Gateway from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Children's Bureau, Office on Child Abuse and Neglect, and the FRIENDS National Resource Center for Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention. This resource guide is targeted specifically for service providers who work with parents, other caregivers and their children with the common goal of strengthening families.

It is non-fiction. It was designed as a resource for anyone who comes into contact with children. It contains comprehensive information on how to spot child abuse and child neglect and what to do about it including where to report.

Through sponsorship, this book was distributed free to tens of thousands of children in middle school through high school. It is still required reading in many of our country's colleges for Criminal Justice classes.

The book was reprinted for KSJ Consulting Inc which has donated the book to Nehemiah’s Village to sell. Nehemiah’s Village is a not for profit charity. Your purchase through our website helps at risk youth and foster kids aging out of the system have a better shot at a purposeful adult life.


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